The Egyptology Exhibition

The Goodison Egyptology Collection is to be exhibited in Merseyside for the first time in 40 years, having been in storage since 1974 when the Bootle Museum and Art Gallery closed. There are more than 1000 artefacts in the collection, dating from 3000 BC to 200 AD and several of our members have been involved in carving replica Headrests, copied from an original 3000 years old. These replicas may be examined by interested visitors.


headrest 2


headrest 1



The Goodison Collection, named after and purchased by Anne Goodison, wife of George Goodison ,a civil engineer for the Walton Local Board, who laid a sewerage system in the Everton area. As a gesture of thanks a road was named after him and - some years later - Everton FC's stadium on the same road took the name Goodison Park.

The objects were displayed in her home until her death in 1901, when her husband offered to sell the collection to the Bootle Museum for an asking price of £400. The museum was unable to afford this, but Thomas Davies, a businessman who had worked in Egypt for many years, bought it and gave the collection to the museum.  The collection was displayed in the Bootle Museum until it closed in the 1970's and the artefacts have remained in storage until the new Egyptology gallery, funded by the lottery,opened on the 24th October 2014.

The Collection  will now be on permanent display at the Atkinson Art Gallery in Southport .

 For more  information on this and other events at the Atkinson Gallery.